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This page is the most important page on this site and serves as the main purpose for the creation of this web site.This page is intented for people who support the rebuilding of the twin towers,who are questionable of why to rebuild the twin towers. As for the people who oppose the rebuilding have the right to their opinion and this page is NOT made to change your opinions or thoughts on the future of the World Trade Center site.

On Tuesday September 11th, 2001 our lives changed forever.
We lost loved ones, our our spirits were set low and we lost our skyline.
As we have lost all of this we are progressing. The loved ones lost will never be forgotten,as
the day September 11th arrives each year everyone will know what happened that day. As our
spirits were set low, people are now feeling comfortable again and living their normal lives,
even though for some normal may never be the same.What remains is our skyline, believe it or
not the skyline has affected everyone. As everyone looks towards Lower Manhattan everyone sees
that empty space and everyone is still looking for there beloved towers that once stood. Our skyline
makes us feel like home, the twin towers meant so much and are too big in every way from appearance
to our feelings towards the buildings to be replaced. An interesting perspective is that in 500 years
when all of us won't be around anymore people won't feel as strong as we feel about September 11th.
A memorial does belong at the World Trade Center site along with the greatest memorial of them all
the Twin Towers.

Here Some Reasons Why We Should Rebuild:
The Twin Towers provided a great amount economy towards New York and the United States,as we see
in the aftermath of 9/11 our economy has went into a recession and the Stock Market is slumping.
The Twin Towers made a significant amount from tourism revenues, such as merchandise, postcards
souvenirs, and provided an amazing view that allowed tourists on an observation deck atop the South Tower.
Proof of this is that according to the Port Authority, 150,000 tourists visited the observation deck each day.
Sales taxes were collected on the $9 viewing fee. That is $40 million per year, just on taxes from viewing fees.
This is not including the shopping complex that was housed underneath and east of the Towers.
As sale of merchandise occurs this brings sales taxes which bring money to the economy.

Building anything shorter than the World Trade Center is sending a message that the terrorists won.
The object of the terrorists were to destroy the economy, weaken America and create fear among us.
Building something shorter than the World Trade Center will give terrorists what they wanted.
The whole world is waiting to see what will be built, and see how America and New York will respond, if we
respond the wrong way and build shorter we will look weak and send the wrong message.

The Twin Towers were historical, every place has something representing them.
The Sears Tower represents Chicago, the Space Needle Seattle, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and
the World Trade Center represented New York. The World Trade Center was the most recognized
landmark in the whole world. How can we ignore all of this?

Another site that was attacked on 9/11 was the Pentagon. Nobody hesitated to rebuild the
Pentagon. The World Trade Center site is considered to some as "sacred ground" and shouldn't be
built on. Isn't the ground at the Pentagon sacred? Yet it was rebuilt and people will work on
the same ground that was attacked on 9/11. If the White House, the Empire State Building, Sears Tower
and other landmarks were attacked we wouldn't hesitate to rebuild them again, why hesitate with the
World Trade Center?

To some people building the Twin Towers again is said to create more targets. If this is the
case let's not build anything and be controlled by the threats of terrorists. In America everything
is a target, the Pentagon was attacked and it was just 5 stories tall. To say building the Twin Towers
will be building more targets is just not good enough, we have the Empire State Building, the Sears
Tower, and other buildings right now that are targets but we haven't abandoned or knocked them down.
We cannont live in fear for the rest of our lives.

Building the Twin Towers is an ultimate memorial. If we build the Twin Towers we would have
restored the space of the loved ones lost and restored a part of their lives. If the Twin Towers
were to rebuilt nobody would hesitate and forget the people that were lost and the Towers would
represent the people lost in a unique way.
If you support and want to save the World Trade Center here are the groups and people in charge
of the future of the site. Don't let your opinions go to waste let your voice be heard.
Take a look at the following groups and people and see what job they are responsible for
and you can contact them by viewing the provided information.
LMDC-The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
The LMDC was created after the events of September 11th by Governor
Pataki and Former Mayor Giuliani to help plan and coordinate the rebuilding and revitalization of Lower Manhattan, defined as everything south of Houston Street.
LMDC is governed by a 16-member Board of Directors, which is chaired by John C. Whitehead.
The LMDC works in cooperation with Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg and with the many city, state and federal agencies to coordinate long-term planning for the World Trade Center site and surrounding communities while pursuing initiatives to make Lower Manhattan a great place to live, work and visit.
According to the LMDC there mission is ensure Lower Manhattan emerges from this tragedy as a lively, vibrant, wonderful part of the city.
The LMDC's most important priority is to create in due course a permanent memorial honoring those who were lost while reaffirming the American values that came under attack on September 11th.
The LMDC basicly comes up with designs for the future of the World Trade Center site, and play a significant role in the future of the site.
As you recall the six designs that were released, were drawn up by the LMDC to view these six plans click
If you as many other people support the restoration of the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center,let your voice be heard, tell them what you think because the LMDC ultimately comes up with the new designs.
If you want to help save the World Trade Center click
here to contact them and give them your thoughts and opinions along with reasons why you feel this way.
PANYNJ-The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
The Port Authority originally constructed and operated the World Trade Center.
Ultimately this is the Port Authority's land and nothing can be constructed without the approval of the Port Authority.
If you would like to express your opinions and support towards saving the World Trade Center click
Larry Silverstein
Larry Silverstein prior to the September 11th attack won a 99 year lease on the World Trade Center.After September 11th Silverstein vowed to rebuild some sort of buildings.
Silverstein as the owner of the site has as much as say what happens for the future of the World Trade Center as the Port Authority.
For some sort of construction to begin both the PANYNJ and Larry Silverstein must come up with an agreement.
To let Larry Silverstein and Silverstein Properties know how you feel you can contact them at this address and telephone number:

Silverstein Properties
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271