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The WTC was erected in 1971 by the Port Authority of New York.


The City chose to build the WTC instead of building a new tunnel and large bridge over the Hudson River.


The World Trade Center was designed by architect Minouru Yamasaki.

The WTC was located in Lower Manhattan, the largest financial hub in the world.

According to Yamasaki, Lower Manhattan was the perfect place to erect the towers because there wasn't "a single building worth saving in the neighborhood."


The WTC occupied an area roughly as big as a small farm (16 acres).

The WTC envisioned as a place to concentrate on world trade services in order to facilitate trade between nations.

The WTC's towers were the second tallest buildings in the United States. Only Chicago's Sears Tower was taller.


The North Tower's 347 foot radio tower technically allowed the WTC to still call itself the world's tallest building.

More than 10,000 workers involved in building the complex.

At peak periods of construction, some 3,500 workers were on the site daily.

More than 60 workers died during construction.


The WTC accommodated more than 55,000 workers.

The WTC's foundations were laid at 60 feet below ground level.


The WTC was made of 200,000 tons of steel.


The towers were different heights. The South tower was 1,362 feet tall, and the North tower was 1,368.

Each tower of the WTC contained 110 stories.

The WTC was made of 425,000 cubic yards of concrete.

The WTC had its own zip code,10048.

There were 43,600 windows in the Twin Towers with over 600,000 square feet of glass window area cleaned by automatic window washing machines traveling on stainless steel tracks.


If all the glass used in the construction of both towers was melted into a ribbon of glass, 20 inches wide, it would run 65 miles long.

The WTC weighed 1.5 million tons.

The WTC was made of 12,000 miles of electric cables.

The WTC contained 198 miles of heating ducts.

The WTC used 23,000 fluorescent light bulbs.


With 60,000 tons of cooling capacity, the World Trade Center's refrigeration plant is the largest in the world.

The WTC was visible from 20 miles away.

After the WTC was completed its cost was $750 million.

On Friday, February 26, 1993, at 12:18 p.m., terrorists drove a truck packed with 1,100 pounds of explosives into the basement parking garage, then set a bomb to be exploded, creating a 22-foot-wide, five-story-deep crater. Six people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. The towers were cleaned, repaired, and reopened in less than one month.


The 360-foot television mast atop One World Trade Center supports 10 main television antennas, numerous auxiliary antennas and a master FM antenna. Transmissions from the mast began in June, 1980. Ten television stations in the metropolitan area, including all the major networks, broadcast from the mast. In addition, six stations broadcast high-definition, digital television from the World Trade Center.

The Tower's skylobby elevator systems separate express from local runs. There are 239 elevators and 71 escalators in the four buildings operated by the Port Authority at the complex. The sky lobby express elevators are capable of carrying 55 people, a 10,000 pound capacity. Express elevators can travel at speeds of up to 27 feet per second.

One World Trade Center features Windows on the World, an elegant restaurant with a magnificent view of New York City. Two World Trade Center features two observation decks, both more than 1,300 feet above the city.


From the observation deck on Two World Trade Center it is possible to see 45 miles in every direction.


Every president since 1973 paid a visit to the landmark.


President Ronald Reagan watched July 4th fireworks celebrations from the WTC on two occasions.


Superstars Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Liza Minelli all sang in WTC restaurants.


More postcards of the WTC were sent each year than any other building in the world.


The WTC generated $50 billion a year in profit.


It took an average of five minutes for a visitor to pass through security checks.


All vehicles using the parking lot had to show FBI security passes.


Both the Secret Service and the FBI rented office space there.


Nine chapels serving six different faiths called the WTC home.

Twenty-nine countries had trade mission offices in the buildings.

Every major U.S. airline had ticket offices inside the WTC.

It is the first skyscraper in the world destroyed by terrorists.